Holistic Wellness for Kids is an integrative strength-based service, developed to meet the social, emotional, behavioral and learning needs of children. Systemic interventions address the whole child with services that incorporate the mind, body and spirit. The whole child wellness approach is centered around finding root cause while providing therapy, education, recommendations, wellness support, advocacy, and recourses to help an individual child.

I look forward to meeting your child and working with you to uncover root cause issues. I welcome all children including non-verbal children and those with the most challenging behavioral or learning difficulties. All children can lesson overloaded stressors placed on their bodies through treatment modalities that consider the mind, body and spirit. Therapy methods may include cognitive behavioral, play, mindfulness, nutrician, detoxification, bioenergetics, movement, narrative, solution focused, and whole tones Listening.

*** My goal is to find the root cause of mental health issues and advocate for children to be healthy and safe. The significant imbalances for a child’s brain and body are likely to be: inhibited neural connections in the brain, brain encephalitis, underdeveloped brain functions, an overactive immune system, a dysfunctional digestive system, volatile blood sugar, enzyme deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, mitochondria dysfunction, Methylation disruption, poor lymphatic drainage, hormone dysfunctions, adrenal fatigue, a leaky gut, a leaky brain, high stress, heavy metal toxicity, poor detoxification, viruses, bacteria’s, parasites, home life imbalances and school imbalances.