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Dr. Elizabeth Ward Ph.D., LCPC,
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

13 Railroad Square, Suite 1, Waterville 04901
Phone: 207-313-3693, Fax: 207-861-7012

Treatment Philosophies-   

Therapy/Consultation services target: mental health, development, behavior, and learning differences from a biomedical and holistic viewpoint. Interventions will have a systemic approach that focuses on the mind, body, spirit and root cause. Strength based Intervention modalities will include a neuro-immune balancing plan for a child with highlighted protocol recommendations.

Services/Intervention Modalities-

Holistic Mental Health Care is:
• Healing: Mind, body and spirit
• Whole body and root cause are considered
• Based on the philosophy that “the body has an innate ability to heal itself”
• Symptoms can be reversed instead of managed
• Effective treatments can be nurturing and healing to the body

Neuro-immune balancing Services:

Neuro-immune balancing services are for:

  • children with Autism symptoms, ADHD symptoms, Anxiety, mood dysregulation, learning disabilities, behavioral difficulties and compulsive behaviors.

Mental health therapy/consultation:

  • Play, art, solution focused, positive and narrative therapy approaches.

Nutrician and metabolic balancing guidance:

  • Neuro-immune balancing plan 

Near Infared light therapy:

  • Consistent infared light therapy can:  lower hyperactivity, improve focus, improve sleep, lower aggression, reduce anxiety and improve disruptive mood changes.
  • Energizes mitochondria cells
  • Facilitates detoxification
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Repairs muscle
  • Promotes antioxidant production
  • Hydrates the body helping water to be available in the body. Water absorbs light and becomes like a battery energizing the body.
  • Red light therapy, as a specific form of photo-biomodulation, boosts Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the body. The breakdown of ATP provides energy to the body.
  • ATP is an energy carrying molecule found within the cells. Muscles in the body are energized by ATP. Energy from ATP is used for chemical reactions in the body.
  • Increases circulation
  • Can improve lymphatic drainage
  • Near infared light waves help detox the heavy metals: lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, cesium and thallium
  • Infared light therapy can also help the body eliminate fluoride and chlorine, which are substances that can destroy the thyroid hormones

Ionic footbath:

  • Facilitates detoxification of heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria’s and parasites
  • Energizes the cells and creates energy movement in the body
  • Pulls impurities out of the body
  • Puts the body into the parasympathetic phase needed for resting, healing and digesting
  • Improves aggression, language, handwriting, and social skills
  • Provides a new channel for the body to detoxify
  • When the machine gives off a positive charge it attracts negatively charged substances like Glyphosate, Lyme, mold or endotoxins.
  • When the machine gives off a negative charge it attracts positively charged substances like heavy metals.
  • Consistent ionic footbath usage can: lower hyperactivity, improve focus, improve sleep, lower aggression, reduce anxiety and improve disruptive mood changes.

Colored Light therapy:
• Using colored glasses, the body can be naturally calmed
• Colored light is converted into energy that travels to the nervous system.
• Colors can produce cellular and hormonal changes in the body
• Color frequencies balance targeted areas of the body
• Color frequency of each color is a unique healing energy in the body
• The body can move from the fight or flight phase to the parasympathetic phase of the neurological system.

Wholetones listening therapy:
• Using therapeutic sound frequencies can calm the body naturally
• Healing frequencies can re-wire the brain
• These frequencies reduce stress, lower hyperactivity and calm the nervous system
• Brain waves are trained to change and utilize all brain waves of beta, delta, theda and alpha the body can move from the fight or flight phase to the parasympathetic phase of the neurological system.

Bioresonance body scan:
• Bioenergetic testing of meridian stress points in the body
• Detects possible heavy metals, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, and dehydration based on energy blockages
• An informational tool detecting stressors in the body that is not used for diagnostics

Fees for Service: The fee for a 60-minute session is $65.00. Full payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Payment can be made with cash, credit or check. Insurances are not accepted at this time.