Holistic Wellness 4 Kids
Dr. Elizabeth Ward Ph.D., LCPC
Educational Psychologist, Holistic Wellness and Detoxification Practitioner
13 Railroad Square, Suite 1, Waterville 04901
Phone: 207-313-3693, Fax: 207-861-7012

Treatment Philosophies-   

Therapy/Consultation services target: mental health, development, behavior, and learning differences from a biomedical and holistic viewpoint. Interventions will have a systemic approach that focuses on the mind, body, spirit and root cause. Strength based Intervention modalities will include: Holistic mental health assessments, Nutrition strengthening, immune and digestive system strengthening, neurological system strengthening, strengthening the home environment, strengthening the learning environment, bioenergetics and detoxification.

Services/Intervention Modalities-

Holistic mental health strengthening
• Mental health diagnostics
• Holistic mental health assessment

Nutrition Strengthening
• Nutrition counseling
• Nourishment counseling for the mind body and spirit
• Herbalism counseling

Nutrigenomics- Genetic Testing

  • Developmental  genetic testing panel through GX Sciences
  • Genetic testing is offered in the office for additional fees

Immune/digestive system strengthening
• Mind & body connection counseling
• Restore, Rest and Regenerate counseling
• Exercise counseling
• Aromatherapy counseling

• Acupressure
• Infared light therapy
• Stress reduction therapy

• Bioenergetic assessments (bio-resonance scanning reports)  • Children can receive a bio-resonance body scan. Utilizing this technology allows me to read the bodies energy. This is a diagnostic tool for assessing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, neurotransmitters, allergens, hydration, heavy metals and organs. Although the scans are not a medical diagnosis, body scans aid in understanding what parts of the body are under stress, where energy is stuck, and how a child’s body could be supported.

Neurological system strengthening
• Infared light therapy
• Whole tones Listening therapy
• Movement therapy


• Homeopathy counseling for detoxification
• Environmental toxin counseling

• Ionic foot baths
• The ionic footbaths help a child’s body detoxify. The body can detoxify through the feet but most of the body detoxifies through sweat, urine and stool.  Scientific research has documented the effectiveness of ionic foot baths for children with Autistic symptoms. It has been supported through research that the foot baths, when used therapeutically, have improved language and hyperactivity for Autistic children.

• Infrared light therapy

Fees for Service: If you prefer to be a private pay client,  the fee for a 60-minute session is $65.00. Full payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Payment can be made with cash, credit or check. Insurances accepted are: Magellan behavioral health, Maine care, Anthem behavioral health, United behavioral health and behavioral healthcare program.