Chromotherapy- The benefits of color therapy for children who have difficulty controlling emotions and behaviors.

Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible color spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to heal the body. Color is an electromagnetic wave that surrounds our body. Electromagnetic waves produce energy. The cells in the body are run on energy and the cells need light for that energy to be produced. Light and color produce energy. Each individual color has a unique energetic effect on the body. Chromotherapy can be considered vibrational energy medicine. Colored light has many healing effects on the energy fields of the body. Each color produces a different energetic pathway and frequency. All cells within the body utilize light to communicate with each other. Light and color can balance cellular communication to correct autoimmune dis-ease within the body. Chromotherapy provides energy to a child’s body to support natural healing. The energy of color helps with facilitating a healthy immune system, detoxification, lowering inflammation and healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Most children with Autism and ADHD symptoms need help to improve the immune system, need help to detoxify, need help to lower systemic inflammation and need help to stabilize the gastrointestinal functioning.

Color wavelengths hit a child’s retina when they wear color therapy glasses and those wavelengths create vibrations. The retina sends messages through nerves to the brain. Colors have a physiological effect on the autonomic nervous system. Color vibrations are experienced in a physical and sensory capacity. Colors create electrical impulses in the brain and energetic movements in the body. Electrical impulses caused in the brain from color can initiate hormonal and biochemical changes to occur. It was reported by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D. that color frequencies can reactivate synapses in the brain.

Energetic movement in a child’s body is run on energetic pathways of frequencies. The pathways of frequencies are called meridians. Color is a healing vibrational frequency that travels the meridians in the body. The color frequency of each individual color is a unique healing energy in the body. All the parts inside a child’s body have a vibrational frequency which is called a resonance and each color has their own resonance. Every system of a child’s body is in a constant state of vibration. When a child’s body is in a state of dis-ease the vibrational resonance will be out of harmony and this is the case for many children with mental health symptoms. A child with Autism or ADHD symptoms is typically in a state of dis-ease. A child’s body could be in a state of disharmony energetically if they are suffering from anxiety, hyperactivity and emotional instability. Internal frequencies need to be balanced and harmonized in a child’s body in order to diminish many mental health symptoms. Healing frequencies of color can be implemented to re-store the energetic balance within the body. Color frequencies balance targeted areas of the body.

There are healing characteristics of individual colors in the human body. Each color has a psychological and neurological effect within the body. Colors have been proven in scientific research studies to affect our moods and perceptions. By using colored therapy grade glasses, the body can be naturally calmed. Colored glasses are a holistic, calming, reparative, and non-invasive therapy method. Color therapy targets the mind, body and spirit of a child. This method brings balance, peace and harmony to the energy fields within the body. When a child wears the colored glasses, colored light is converted into energy that travels to the nervous system. Sometimes color therapy can have an immediate calming effect on the body and is useful during times of overstimulation.

When a child gets overstimulated or angry quickly, they are typically stuck in a sympathetic dominant state of the nervous system. A sympathetic dominant state is in “fight or flight” mode. This mode contributes to a child being easily overstimulated, angry quickly and emotionally reactive. A child in “fight or flight” will also take part in stimming or rocking back and forth because their neurological state is agitated. With color therapy, the body can move from the “fight or flight” phase to the parasympathetic phase of the neurological system. The parasympathetic phase allows a child to rest, digest, calm their body and be in control of there emotions. Parasympathetic blends of essential oils can be paired with colored light therapy to maximize the calming and healing potential. A great parasympathetic essential oil blend can be found at vibrant blue oils. The founder, Jodi Cohen, is a nutritional therapist and expert on the magical healing benefits of essential oils.

Many children with neuro immune based mental health symptoms (Autism, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, learning disabilities) suffer from mitochondrial disfunction from within the cells. According to Dr. Daniel Pompa D. PSc., mitochondria support if essential in total body healing. Healing needs to occur at the cellular level especially for children with the dis-ease symptoms of Autism. Colors can produce cellular and hormonal changes in the body which can produce emotional stability. Color therapy is helpful in allowing a child to gain control over regulating emotions. It was reported by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt that colors can resurface memories, and all have unique codes in the body. He stated that blue can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Blue can be calming and is a good therapy choice for hyperactive children when they need assistance in calming their body. Red can activate the sympathetic nervous system which is very important for agitated children. A blueish green color can heal post-traumatic tissue-injuries within the body. Yellow can act as an anti-depressive within the body which is important for improving moods. A yellowish green color can become liver detox within the body. Liver detox is very important for children with Autism spectrum symptoms due to toxic overload in the body. Magenta can uncover conflicts and emotions to allow an individual to process emotions.

Studies have shown that color therapy can produce biochemical changes within the brain. Color therapy can help the brain produce neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are often disrupted for hyperactive, overstimulated, behavioral or emotional children. Color therapy with the use of colored glasses or colored lights can improve a child’s sleep, hormonal balance, emotional balance, learning capacities and stress levels. Color therapy can impact the immune system, the limbic system, the nervous system and stored traumas. The medicinal use of light and colors can have a profound effect on the healing of a child’s body. Light and color therapy can have profound effects on the improvement of behaviors and mental health symptoms. Neuro-immune balancing is greatly improved with the use of colored light therapy.

Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward Ph.D., LCPC


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