Near Infared Light Therapy- light waves that heal and energize the body

Near Infared light therapy is called photo-biomodulation. Near infared wavelengths are between 700 and 1200nm and deliver energy to the cells of the body. The energy stimulates healing. Near Infared light therapy is greatly beneficial for children with a mental health neuro-immune based disorder. Neuro-immune disorders often get labeled as ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, OCD, Mood Dysregulation and Learning Disabilities. Because these labels are not a true diagnosis defining root cause, the root cause needs to be addressed for improvements to be made. Neuro-immune disorders effect the entire immune and neurological system. Treating the root cause and reversing symptoms can only be done if a whole-body healing approach is utilized. Healing for a child is most effective if interventions are nurturing and supportive to the entire body.

Therapeutic light therapy is nurturing and supportive to the body. Therapeutic light therapy is safe, natural and without harmful side effects. Nurturing, healing and supportive outcomes are produced from this type of therapy. According to Dr. Christine Schaffner N.D., of the Sophia Health Institute, the body is built to self-regulate and heal but the body can’t heal if it’s lacking the energy to do so. Many children have a body that can’t maintain the energy it needs to heal and to stay healthy. Dr. Schaffner stated that in order to recover from a chronic illness, therapeutic strategies need to be in biochemistry and biophysics. A neuro-immune based mental health disorder is a chronic illness for children. We must help our children unblock energy flows within the body if they are suffering from the symptoms of a neuro-immune disorder.

Infared light therapy is an easy, enjoyable, relaxing and effortless therapy for children. The treatment of photo-biomodulation is healing to the body in a multitude of ways. Red light therapy, as a specific form of photo-biomodulation, boosts Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in the body. The breakdown of ATP provides energy to the body. ATP is an energy carrying molecule found within the cells. Muscles in the body are energized by ATP. Energy from ATP is used for chemical reactions in the body. Red light essentially provides nutrients to the cells through boosting the ATP productions. Infared light therapy is used to improve cellular energy throughout the body. Many children with neuro-immune based disorders suffer from mitochondrial dysfunction within the cells. Infared light improves mitochondria functioning within the cells and increases circulation.

Infared light therapy is helpful in assisting with whole body circulation or circulation within targeted areas that can improve lymphatic drainage. Many children with neuro-immune based disorders suffer from swollen lymph nodes and enlarged adenoids due to the lack of drainage and chronic inflammation. Proper lymphatic drainage is essential for detoxification. Infared light helps facilitate the body through the detoxification process. Near infared light waves help detox the heavy metals: lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, cesium and thallium. Heavy metal toxicity is a typical issue for children with neuro-immune based disorders like Autism, ADHD, anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, and learning disabilities. Infared light therapy can also help the body eliminate fluoride and chlorine, which are substances that can destroy the thyroid hormones. Infared light therapy can be a great tool in assisting the detoxification process of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and pesticides. Heavy metal detoxification happens faster when infared light therapy is paired with nutraceutical remedies, herbal remedies, homeopathy, the ionic footbath, color therapy, castor oil wraps, therapeutic levels of hydration, healthy salt, rebounding, magnesium and baking soda baths, dry skin brushing, and other detoxification methods.

Many children who have heavy metal toxicity could also have a yeast overgrowth built up in the joints. Infared light therapy is a great therapy for children who have a combined candida infection (yeast overgrowth) and heavy metal toxicity. Metals can hide in the joints and the body protects itself from the metal toxicity by formulating yeast. Yeast and metals stored in the joints can be painful for some children. Infared light lowers inflammation in the body. Infared light can help lower joint inflammation which can reduce any pain that might be occurring in the joints. Your body needs energy to heal pain and infared light therapy provides energy to the body. Chronic pain in the body is common for children with neuro-immune based disorders. According to Dr. Danial Pompa DC., there are hidden root causes of pain in the body. Dr. Pompa reported that the main causes of pain are generally bio-toxic illness (like mold), exposures to neurotoxins, hidden infections in the mouth, (a cavity of the jaw can lead to chronic pain, fatigue and an inflammatory state), and heavy metal toxicity. The body needs to detox at the cellular level to reduce pain exposures and treat the root cause issues. Infared light therapy is a detoxification intervention that lessons pain, fatigue, inflammation and toxicity.

Children with mental health concerns often suffer from hidden pathogens and infections in the body. Children who suffer from an active Epstein Barr virus or Coxsackie virus often get canker sores in the mouth that can be very painful. Infared light therapy can help in the healing process of mouth sores. Children who suffer from Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella often have joint pains or body aches. Infared light therapy can help increase circulation in the body which in turn can help reduce pain. Increasing circulation is needed for pain control, toxin removal and lymphatic drainage. When circulation is improved, the lymph nodes will drain more efficiently. Lymphatic drainage is extremely important for children who have neuro-immune disorders. The brain will be hindered from detoxifying properly during sleep if the lymphatic pathways are obstructed. Infared light therapy before bed could be beneficial in assisting lymphatic drainage.

Pathogens, parasitic infections, dehydration and heavy metal toxicity can cause muscle weakness for many children. A high number of children with Autism and ADHD are in a “wired but tired” state. A child can have extreme hyperactivity, but stamina and energy levels are low for exercise. When children are stuck in the sympathetic state of “fight or flight” the body lacks the ability to rest and digest properly. When a child doesn’t rest properly muscle tones will remain in a weak or damaged state. Infared light therapy can help the body with repairing the muscle. Low muscle tone is linked to hindered neuro connections in the brain. When children build their muscle tone, brain functioning improves. Muscle tone and brain functioning are connected in many scientific research studies. Dehydration needs to be addressed for children with neuro-immune disorders who have low muscle tone, infections and chronic pain.

Dehydration is one of the biggest stressors on a child’s body that suffers from a neuro-immune disorder. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj M.D. (author of the book, “Your body’s many cries for water”) dehydration is the number one stressor of the human body. Infared light therapy hydrates the body helping water to be available in the body. Water absorbs light and becomes like a battery energizing the body. Water is available faster in the body with infared light therapy. Cellular energy in the body is run on water. Hydroelectric energy is how energy movement is created in the body.

Research has shown that infared light therapy can help with the autoimmune thyroid condition Hoshimotos. This condition causes the body to fight off the thyroid hormone as if it is a foreign invader in the body. Children with neuro-immune based disorders can suffer from this condition causing anxiety, constipation, insomnia, fatigue and even grey hairs. With Hoshimotos, the thyroid hormone may get attacked because it mimics the gluten protein. Gluten is often rejected in a child’s body if they have an overreactive immune system, leaky gut or toxic overload. Toxic overload can be overwhelming for some children when they are exposed to the glyphosate chemical that is sprayed on wheat products. When gluten is rejected, the thyroid hormones may also be rejected. Infared light can be targeted to the neck area for possible benefits to the thyroid gland. Infared light can assist the body in producing the optimal hormone levels needed.

Infared light therapy can help the body with antioxidant production. Infared light therapy stimulates color sensitive cells in the body to create energy. Colors are energetic sources of information going into the body. Color therapy, including infared therapy, has a positive effect on a child’s moods. Infared light can be considered energetic medicine that is healing to the body through frequency. Beneficial energetic frequencies are information that can have a multitude of healing effects on the body according to Cilla Willcot, producer of the documentary Real Immunity. Her research on immunity and natural immune system protection through homeoprophylaxis can be found at Cilla teaches professionals and parents on how to heal the entire body as opposed to individual symptoms. The list of symptoms and autoimmune disorders can be long for children who have a neuro-immune based mental health disorder. Energetic medicine that is safe and non-toxic is very beneficial for children with neuro-immune disorders.

Infared light has a secondhand benefit to the eyes. Although looking at the infared light isn’t recommended, the eyes can still receive benefits. Children who suffer from mold toxicity often have eye impairments. Mold hinders the optic nerve in the eyes. A lack of oxygen in the nerve can also contribute to eye impairments according to Dr. Pompa N.D. When we improve circulation in the body and cerebral lymph flow, we can improve our eyes. The eyes are improved with detoxification, lymph drainage and improved circulation. Infared light therapy can assist the body with all of those. Infared light can help with hair loss by stimulating hair growth. This can be beneficial for children with alopecia and trichotillomania. Infared light therapy benefits many aspects of natural healing all at the same time.

Many children with neuro-immune disorders have skin issues because their bodies are detoxing improperly. Skills conditions are often a result of the liver being locked up and not detoxifying fast enough to meet the toxic demands in the body. Toxins come out of the skin when they have nowhere else to go creating rashes, blisters, redness, or red blotches. When a skin issue is present the immune system is having a hyperactive response. A hyperactive immune response can lead to increased neurological disturbances according to Dr. Christopher Shade (Ph.D. in environmental metals chemistry and founder of Quick Silver Scientific). Infared light is beneficial for the skin. Infared light therapy can help lower inflammation that is contributing to skin conditions. The ATP stimulation of the infared light assists in clearing up skin issues. Infared light helps to calm the skin during the detoxification and heling process. Infared light therapy is a great tool to use during a detoxification protocol to keep the skin clear and irritant free for children.

Near infared light therapy can be completed with a free-standing light therapy device, handheld device or an infared sauna. Children can benefit from the near infared light therapy in as little as 5 minutes. An ideal therapy session (of a non-sauna infrared light therapy session) would be 5 to 20 minutes for young children. Short sessions produce very quick benefits. Infared light works quickly with the high intensity therapeutic infared bulb. Therapeutic bulbs emit healing wavelengths. Therapeutic bulbs are warm and soothing, especially in the winter months. Therapeutic infared bulbs should be free from teflon, mercury and toxic gasses. Infared light therapy is a powerful way to implement energic healing, self-healing and maintaining optimal energetic flows. Healing of the mind, body and spirit can happen using energy, frequencies and vibrational healing.

Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., LCPC


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