Vitamin C- a useful intervention for childhood mental health epidemics (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression)

The childhood epidemics of Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression continue to grow each year. The root causes and treatments are well known in the integrative medical world and often go ignored in the mainstream conventional medical model. The safest and most effective treatments for the childhood mental health epidemics naturally nourish the body and reverse root cause. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The best doctor gives the least medicines.” A massive amount of research-based literature has proven the positive effects vitamin C has on the body. Some of the leading experts and researchers on the topic of vitamin C have been: Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, MD, PhD, Linus Pauling, PhD, and Frederick R. Klenner, MD. Vitamin C detoxes the body and fortifies our natural immune system. Vitamin C can be used as a preventative intervention and a treatment for neuro-immune based mental health disorders. Vitamin C is effective as an intervention for these disorders because it treats and reverses root causes for the disorders. Vitamin C as a treatment has documented efficacy and safety through substantial published research. Vitamin C is critical in the treatment for the neuro-immune disorders of:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
• Autism Spectrum disorders
• ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)
• Complex learning disabilities
• Seizure disorders
• Mood disorders with behavioral disturbances

Dr. Tom Levy M.D., an expert on vitamin C., reports that infections deplete vitamin C in the body. A child with a neuro-immune disorder often has hidden infections and viruses in the body. A child with a neuro-immune disorder typically has a high level of inflammation in the body. When inflammation is high in the body, the body is usually very low in vitamin C. A child with a neuro-immune disorder typically has a high level of toxicity. Vitamin C lowers toxicity by neutralizing heavy metals and neutralizing chemicals. A child who has significant mental health symptoms, related to a neuro-immune disorders, essentially has a sick body that needs physiological attention. A sick body needs an enormous amount of vitamin C. Toxins in the body are pro-oxidant. A child with a neuro-immune disorder needs to lesson toxicity in the body for symptoms to improve. Vitamin C is an optimal intervention for detoxifying the body due to the powerful antioxidant nature of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the main fuel that runs the body according to Dr. Levy M.D. . The sicker and more symptomatic a child is, the more the body can tolerate higher levels of vitamin C. There is no defined toxicity of vitamin C in the body which makes it a safe, effective and a natural treatment for childhood mental health disturbances. Vitamin C reboots the healing systems in the body and reduces damaging free radical production. Children with neuro-immune disorders have bodies that need to heal and bodies that need nourishing. A few examples of whole-body dysfunctions that can be happening in a child’s body with neuro-immune disorders are:
• Heavy metal toxicity (they attach to proteins and cells in the entire body)
• Lyme disease, Co-infections- Babesia, Bartonella
• Virus’s (Epstein Barr, cytomegalovirus)
• Bacteria overgrowth (SIBO, H pylori)
• High or low hormone levels (cortisol, adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen)
• Adrenal fatigue (glands are overworking to produce cortisol; children will feel fatigued)
• Gut dysbiosis (candida overgrowth)
• Parasite overgrowth (they hold onto infections and heavy metals)
• Candida in the entire body (yeast overgrowth)
• Toxins- processed foods, glyphosate, mold, fluoride, poor air, poor water, dental fillings, cleaning products, personal care products, vaccines, medications, EMF’s, WIFI
• Autoimmune brain encephalitis (caused by toxins and infections)
• Leaky gut, Leaky Brain (leading to food intolerances and histamine responses)
• Chronic inflammation in whole body (resulting in digestion issues)
• Malabsorption of vitamins and minerals (poor teeth, nutrient deficient)
• Constipation /diarrhea/Gerd/reflux (muscles are not working properly due to inflammation, food, liquid and acid moves in the wrong directions)
• PANS (pediatric acute neurological syndrome) infections attach the body and cause further encephalitis in the brain. Infections get into the brain (Epstein Barr, Lyme, yeast, mold, cytomegalovirus)
o Significant mood swings, aggression in cycles
o Mean spirited behaviors
o Destruction and impulsivity
o Cycles of moods and behaviors
• PANDAS (pediatric acute neurological disorder associated with strep)
o Reoccurring strep symptoms occur and do not clear with antibiotics
o Dilated pupils, sore throat, fever
o Significant mood swings, aggression in cycles
o Mean spirited behaviors
o Destruction and impulsivity
o Cycles of moods and behaviors

Most likely a child with a neuro-immune disorder has hidden physiological damages in the body from pathogens and toxins. If a child’s body is overloaded with virus’s, bacteria’s, metals, toxins or medications vitamin C will be deficient. Pathogens and medications deplete the body of vitamin C. A deficiency of vitamin C causes many illness’s so naturally Vitamin C can cure many illnesses.

Dr. Levy M.D. has shared research results that indicate vitamin C will inactivate (or kill) viruses. He states that Vitamin C will resolve all viral based infections in the body. References for the research on Vitamin C and its relationship to inactivating virus’ s and bacteria’s can be found in Dr. Levy’s published books. Research supports Vitamin C has inactivated: influenza, pneumonia, rabies, herpes, polio, acute hepatitis, HIV, whooping cough, tuberculosis, Zika virus, measles, mumps, chicken pox, tetanus, Lyme disease and radiation damage. Dr. Christopher Shade Ph.D. also reports that large amounts of vitamin C can stop virus’s and specifically the flu from progressing. A multitude of doctors and researchers understand the power of Vitamin C and the effects it has on stopping the progression of viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin C has a long history of being safe and effective for treating viruses, bacteria and diseases. Claus Washington Jungeblut M.D. was a polio pioneer. He recommended Vitamin C as an antiviral and antitoxin that could prevent and treat polio. Dr. Jungeblut published a paper about treating polio with vitamin C in 1935. Jungeblut stated that the oral polio vaccines were causing individuals to contract polio. He felt strongly that Vitamin C should be the treatment of polio because vitamin C had never caused polio, but the live oral vaccine has caused polio. Dr. William McCormick M.D. reported that vitamin C was a cure for numerous diseases back in 1947. Dr.Klenner M.D., a graduate of Duke University school of medicine, conducted research that resulted in successfully treating babies with intravenous vitamin C as a treatment for polio. Dr. Klenner M.D. treated his patients successfully in the 1950’s with lower levels of vitamin C than what is needed in successful treatments today. Higher levels of vitamin C are needed in treatments today due to the toxic burden bodies are exposed to. Dr. Levy M.D. stated that vitamin C levels will never be optimal in the body until an infection is resolved. In 1960 Dr. Robert Cathcart M.D. stated that the seriousness of an illness can be determined by the amount of vitamin C needed to cure it. Vitamin C treatments are safe and effective for individuals who have an infection or virus. The dose given directly effects treatment outcomes. Vitamin C is a supplement that can continue to be increased until results are seen. Vitamin C is the ultimate immune system booster that will help many children overcome a neuro-immune disorder.

Vitamin C pulls iron away from pathogens, acting as an antibiotic. Virus’s and bacteria’s can stay dormant in the body but if a child receives high doses of vitamin C the virus or bacteria can be undetectable. According to Andrew Soul, Vitamin C is the most non-acknowledged successful treatment in medicine. It has been effective for decades but studies proving the effectiveness of Vitamin C are often vilified by the mainstream medical model.

Many children with neuro-immune based disorders suffer food allergies and food sensitivities. Vitamin C can reduce the histamine response in the body. Children with high histamine responses are those who will in turn have asthma, allergies, skin issues, chronic bedwetting and methylation dysfunction. Many children today are on an allergen restricted diet and must eliminate certain foods from their diet. Children can have withdrawal symptoms when they start a gluten and dairy free diet. This type of diet is often needed for children who suffer from symptoms of ADHD, Autism or other neuro-immune disorders. Dr. Peter Osborne reports that increasing Vitamin C can help with food withdrawal symptoms when food is being eliminated in the diet.

Vitamin C is affective through intravenous administration for the most ill children. This method isn’t always the most practical or assessible for families. Dr. Levy M.D., Dr. Ben Lynch N.D., and Dr. Joseph Mercola D.O., have reported on the effectiveness of Liposomal vitamin C. This form can be easily purchased and administered to children. Liposomal is a multilayer vesicle where the vitamin C is stored in fat like particles. The tiny particles are more easily absorbed by the body in targeted areas that need the vitamin the most. Liposomal vitamin C has been found to be effective for treating cancer cells. Liposomal vitamin C can treat very serious conditions so it certainly can be effective for reversing root causes to the childhood mental health epidemics.

The need for Vitamin C is clear and concise. In summary, the root causes for neuro-immune disorders are: toxin overload, metabolic deficiencies, disruptive detox pathways, inflammation, sympathetic dominance of the neurological system, pathogens or triggering events (virus’s, bacteria’s, vaccines, stress, trauma frequencies in the body) and emotional blockages (disrupted energy flow in the body). The treatment guidelines for these children should be a very involved multi step process considering the whole body. The mind, body and spirit need to be considered. Treatment can be complete through 7 optimal phases. Those phases are:
• Phase 1- Reduce Toxic Overload
• Phase 2- Eliminate Pathogens
• Phase 3- Increase Cellular (mitochondria) Energy
• Phase 4- Lower inflammation in body and brain
• Phase 5- Gut support
• Phase 6- Detoxification
• Phase 7- Therapeutic diet

Vitamin C is a powerful tool that helps with all phases of treatment. Although vitamin C isn’t an intervention that is typically recommended in the mainstream medical model it is a very critical intervention. Vitamin C is both an intervention and a preventative protocol for childhood mental health epidemics. Children with: Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), Autism Spectrum disorders, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), Complex learning disabilities, Seizure disorders, Mood disorders with behavioral disturbances could benefit greatly from Vitamin C. These disorders can be improved dramatically or reversed completely for most children. Integrative and nurturing approaches will have long term and the most effective results.


Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., LCPC


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