Ionic Foot Baths- A powerful detoxification tool

Ionic footbaths are a powerful detoxification tool that have helped many children cope with and reverse neuro-immune disorder symptoms. An abundance of research has shown that detoxification is a critical need for children who have neuro-immune disorders (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Lyme disease and seizure disorders). Research does remain limited on ionic footbaths but, the need for further studies are overwhelmingly clear. Although research remains limited, ionic footbaths have been scientifically supported as an effective detoxification tool. Like other tools or methods, the media and some main stream medical practitioners are quick to discredit the effectiveness of footbaths. Like other tools or methods, there are poorly completed studies on the ionic footbath and there are quality based studies of the ionic footbath supporting the effectiveness. The main stream medical model often ignores the importance of detox being a critical lifestyle factor. Detox often gets pushed aside and put behind diet and exercise. A small child’s body can’t always process the toxic load it is carrying. The ionic footbath doesn’t cause an added overload on the body because nothing extra is being put into the body with this type of detox method.

Ionic Foot baths are an evidenced based therapeutic method of detoxifying the body. The ionic footbath is a non-medical device. The device does not treat, cure, diagnose or prevent medical diseases or mental health conditions. The footbaths are a tub for the feet (basin of warm water) and are accompanied by an instrument in the water. The instrument is attached to a box that is plugged into a power source. Depending on the machine, the instrument in the water will send positive and negative charges into the body to increase energy and cell movement in the body. When there is energy and cell movement in the body detoxification can occur. The frequency of the ion is important with the ionic footbath machine. The best frequencies to promote detoxification put the body into the parasympathetic state. The parasympathetic state is needed for resting and digesting. Bodies can’t rest, calm down or digest properly when they are stuck in the sympathetic phase. The most useful frequencies start the relaxation response in the body which is important for parasympathetic dominance. Our bodies run on frequencies, informational input and energy.

Footbaths work through the method of electrolysis. Electrolysis is defined as a direct electoral current to create a chemical reaction. In the chemical reaction an ion either loses or gains an electron. Salt is added to the water to provide conductivity. Ions in the water pull out oppositely charged toxins from the body. Toxins can come out through the pores in the feet. The ions can also help draw toxins out of the body through urine, stool and sweat. Our body is made up of mostly water and electrolytes so the ionic charges will travel through the body. The current going through the body helps the body detoxify.

Some frequencies used on some machines can put the body into the sympathetic stressful state and can hinder detoxification. It’s important to research to find a safe and effective foot bath with useful frequencies. Not all footbaths are equally effective and safe. The most effective and researched ionic footbath is called the “Ion Cleanse” by a company called A Major Difference. An organization called the Thinking Moms Revolution spearheaded an extensive research study on the Ion Cleanse for Autistic children. The Ion Cleanse has dual polarity which means it alternates positive and negative charges. The positive and negative charges attract toxins of the opposite charge. When the machine gives off a positive charge it attracts negatively charged substances like Glyphosate, Lyme, mold or endotoxins. Dr. Klinghardt M.D. reports that Glyphosate (a pesticide used on crops, that is found in Round Up weed killer) has been detected in the ionic footbaths after a detoxification session. When the machine gives off a negative charge it attracts positively charged substances like heavy metals. Heavy metals have been detected in the ionic footbaths after a detoxification session. The footbath draws out impurities in the body.

Children who suffer from neuro-immune disorders (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Lyme disease and seizure disorders) in general suffer from toxin overload. Toxic overload is an underlying issue for many disorders. Children with neuro-immune disorders need supports to detoxify the body. Most children with neuro-immune disorders have disrupted detox pathways in the body so the liver can be overloaded. The ionic footbath helps open the detox pathways in the body allowing the liver to detoxify. Most children with neuro-immune disorders have Methylation difficulties. The footbath improves methylation by facilitating detox. Detoxification through the ionic footbath has been shown in studies to effectively detoxify chemicals, pesticides, parasites, and heavy metals. According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., studies show large increase of heavy metals in the urine days after a footbath treatment. Dr. Klinghardt reported on a study showing a very large excretion percentage rate of aluminum on day three of the ionic footbath treatment. According to Warren Phillips, synthetic chemical and environmental toxin expert, mood swings are a key heavy metal toxicity issue. He reports that issues with heavy metal toxicity can be: depression, ringing in the ears, sleep difficulties, metallic taste in the mouth, sensitive teeth, seeing floaters in the eyes, dyslexia, peeling dry skin, cancer sores, gout and twitching in the eye. Many young children experience these symptoms and have difficulty verbalizing what is happening. With heavy metal toxicity, symptoms can be hidden or unnoticed by adults when children experience them.

Dr. Christopher Shade Ph.D. has a doctorate in environmental metals chemistry making him an expert in heavy metal exposures. According to Dr. Shade, if metals are not detected in the hair or urine it’s likely that the body can’t get rid of toxins. When the body doesn’t detoxify metals, the metals stay stagnant in the body. Stagnant metals in a child’s body can contribute to the development of mental health, developmental, learning or autoimmune disorders. Dr. Klinghardt reported that heavy metal contamination in the body is the carrier of viruses within the body. A child will have a harder time fighting Lyme Disease or Epstein Bar virus if they continue to have high levels of heavy metals in the body. The Epstein Bar virus is the leading cause of mononucleosis virus in children. The Epstein Bar virus can stay inactive in the body for a long-time making children susceptible to getting mononucleosis virus multiple times. It’s important to help our children detoxify heavy metals for true physical and mental wellness and the ionic footbath is a great tool for doing so.

Scientific research has documented the effectiveness of ionic foot baths for children with Autistic symptoms. It has been supported through research that the foot baths, when used therapeutically, have improved language and hyperactivity for Autistic children. There are many case studies of non-verbal Autistic children requesting the footbath because they innately know it is helping them to feel better. There are also many case studies of non-verbal Autistic children becoming verbal after using a consistent footbath protocol. The footbaths can improve sleep, handwriting skills, aggression, social skills, and stimming behaviors. Due to detoxification being facilitated the ionic footbath can prevent some sicknesses from progressing.

A typical therapeutic footbath protocol would most likely require using the footbath for at least 6 months. After an aggressive protocol a child can then take part in a maintenance program where detox becomes a lifestyle. Dr. Klinghardt has reported that drainage or chelation remedies can be a great adjunct to the ionic cleanse. The company BIORAY has a great liver support supplement that works well when paired with the Ion Cleanse. A Milk Thistle supplement is also a great liver support while taking part in a therapeutic detox protocol. Activated charcoal or chlorella are great binders for improving the effects of detoxing heavy metals. Hydration is also important to restore minerals into the body during a time of cleansing.

The color of the water can change when detoxification is happening but, it doesn’t always account for the detox that is occurring. The mineral and chemical state of the water used can determine how colors change in the footbath. Water from different states or towns can have an impact on water color and color changes. Although color isn’t the determining factor for detoxification with the footbaths, a darker color change can indicate more detoxification. Those who have light colored water at the end of a treatment session could be having difficulty detoxifying. A lack of color change could mean the detox pathways are hindered. The footbath has been known to draw out yeast which will show up through light colored bubbles and foam at the top of the water. The footbath can also draw out parasites through the pores in the feet. Parasites will be tiny bugs or worm like figures floating in the water. Parasites and yeast don’t always enter the water during the footbath cleanse. They are more likely to exit the body through stool and urine. The elimination process isn’t always immediate. Again, studies show detoxification can happen multiple days after a footbath cleansing session.

The ionic footbath can be expensive, but it can save money in the long run. Because the footbath opens detox pathways, the body will be able to absorb vitamins and minerals more effectively. As a metaphor, it works as an extra kidney because the footbath acts as a new channel of elimination. The footbath can be a support for individuals who only have one working kidney. An entire family can benefit from the investment of a footbath. An ionic footbath is truly an instrument that can help all individuals in one household. Like many other great therapies, noticeable change is cumulative over time and is not typically immediate. Change can be dramatic and lifechanging for many children with Neuro-immune disorders. Its amazing what a child is capable of when we help their bodies detoxify pesticides, bacteria’s, heavy metals, Lyme, molds and endotoxins. A healthy body equates to a healthy mind. A healthy mind equates to motivation, positive behaviors, ability to learn, ability to focus, social skills, emotional stability and productive behaviors.

Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., LCPC


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