Nourishing the “Brain” with “Cold and Flu” remedies that are natural, safe and non-toxic for children

There are many natural ways to help strengthen a child’s immune system that doesn’t involve putting neurotoxins, stimulants, inflammatory elements, heavy metals or carcinogens into the body. Nourishing the immune system is more effective than suppressing the immune system when you want your child to fight off colds and flus. Strengthening the immune system is essential care for your child physically, mentally and behaviorally. When we want to prevent our children from getting sick, we need to consider the entire body. We can’t forget to protect our children’s brains. Supporting brain health is critically important for our developing children. When deciding about cold and flu treatments we need to shy away from media scare tactics and focus energy on strengthening our child’s immune system. Our children are not in danger when we help them stay healthy by supporting the immune system and brain. We need to think critically about what is nourishing to the brain and body and what is harmful to the brain and body. We need to ask ourselves the questions, “Is this treatment nourishing or damaging to my child’s brain?” and “Is this treatment nourishing or damaging to my child’s entire neurological system?” The best preventative care you can give your child is a strong brain and a strong neurological system. When the brain and neurological system is strong, the immune system will the strong.

There are countless ways to naturally strengthen your child’s immune system through remedies found in the home or homeopathic medicines. Strengthening a child’s immune system will help the body to fight off virus’s, toxins and bacteria. Keeping a child well truly starts at home with healing foods. Dr. Lorenzo Cohen Ph.D. gives great advice for wellness by saying, “Don’t engage in anything that is going to harm you. Vegetables are not going to harm you.” Packing your child’s diet with herbs, vegetables and fruits are important to prevent sickness. There are basic foundations for healing and wellness that start at home. Healthy eating is one of those basic foundations. An inspirational healing warrior, Chris Wark ( stated “Healing happens at home.” He is a great force of energy that understand true innate healing powers.

One of the most effective natural cold and flu remedies is giving your child garlic. Garlic is nourishing to the brain. This is very easy, safe, medicinal, and inexpensive. Garlic is known as a common household item that can be used as a preventative of colds and sickness. Garlic is a healthy, safe and natural food to keep on hand while creating meals to heal a child’s immune system. Garlic can remove heavy metals from the body, contains manganese, contains antioxidants and contains B6. Garlic is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Garlic lowers blood sugar naturally and can be applied topically to the skin. According to Dr. Keith Block, M.D., garlic reduces cardio toxicity and helps improve the heart. Garlic cloves can be cooked in a variety of dishes or eaten raw if your kids will eat it. Garlic can also be pickled by putting the cloves in a jar with apple cider vinegar. Garlic is a true super food that helps the body in a multitude of ways.

Ginger is another great super food for the cold and flu season. Ginger is nourishing to the brain. Ginger helps to prevent colds, the flu and sore throats. Ginger helps with circulation in the body and helps with nausea. Ginger can help with muscle soreness and is anti-inflammatory. My kids love the organic ginger Ale when they do get sick and they need to settle their stomachs. Ginger can be used in homemade teas and those teas are great for sinus or sore throat relief. Ginger can be simply chopped, boiled and then strained. Once the ginger pieces are strained out you can add in fresh lemon juice and honey. Making ginger tea as a nightly ritual is a great way to help prevent your kids from getting sick because it’s a medicinal immune system booster. Organic ginger powder can be used for baked goods, pancakes or even to sprinkle in hot chocolate.

A variety of herbs are nourishing to the brain and to the entire body. Most herbs, that are easy to use when cooking, are great for protecting your child from colds and flus. Herbs are very easy to implement at home. Some great healing herbs are: curcumin, turmeric, rosemary, cilantro, dill, and Sage. All the herbs combined can be put into a soup or sauce. You can put organic turmeric powder in smoothies for kids. Turmeric is an important super food that is beneficial for children to have in their diet. Curcumin supplements are also a great immune system booster.

Apple cider vinegar is another natural remedy that nourishes the brain and body. Apple cider vinegar is often a product that can be found in many homes. Apple cider vinegar has been found in studies to; help control blood sugar, aids digestion with beneficial bacteria and has antiviral properties to keep viruses away. It has also been reported by Dr. Seneff Ph.D. that apple cider vinegar can kill the dangerous chemical Glyphosate that is found in GMO foods and vaccinations. This is a great detoxifier for your children. Tiny amounts of apple cider vinegar on your child’s salad or soaked on cucumber slices would be a great option at meal time. It can be hidden in smoothies but, there are many creative ways to get your children to ingest healthy amounts of apple cider vinegar. When used as a mouth rinse, apple cider vinegar can kill the bacteria’s in the mouth. This one natural ingredient can be utilized in many great ways for your child. This is a cheap and easy remedy that all parents can easily use.

The most important vitamin your kids should get enough of is vitamin C. Vitamin C is nourishing to the brain and neurological system. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin in the body for keeping our kids strong and healthy. Vitamin C is known to detox the body. Vitamin C can be used up in the body very quickly as the body fights off environmental, food and vaccine toxins. A sicker body can tolerate higher levels of vitamin C. The sicker your child is, the more vitamin C they will need. Many children will need more vitamin C in their diet if they have a damaging neurological issue of Autism or ADHD. Vitamin C fortifies our natural immune system. There is research supporting vitamin C as a treatment for sepsis, autism and cancer so vitamin C is extremely important for the immune system. Infections can deplete vitamin C in the body. Mega dosing on vitamin C can be beneficial for many children. According to Dr. Tom Levy M.D., there is no defined toxicity of vitamin C. He believes a sick body needs an enormous amount of vitamin C which is a very potent anti-toxin vitamin. Dr. Levy said that vitamin C is the main fuel that runs our body. Children need to get very high amounts of this fuel every day.

Essential oils are also great tools during the cold and flu season. Essential oils are nourishing to the brain and entire neurological system. Essential oils have natural healing properties for the body. Each oil has its own health benefit and is medicinal for the body. Essential oils can be utilized in a variety of ways, but they work well in a diffuser for children. A diffuser can be placed in the child ‘s bedroom at night for healing, calming and sleeping. Essential oils can be calming for children and helpful for falling asleep. Pairing the essential oils with soft classical music, whole tones music, and maybe even a heated rice bag for the child to cuddle with is a great start to relaxing peaceful sleep. Some healing oils that are great to use during cold and flu season are: lavender, frankincense, rose, lemon, lime, orange, wintergreen, tea tree and, lemongrass.

Aloe is another great tool to have as a home remedy during cold and flu season. Aloe has a wide range of benefits for supporting a healthy body. Aloe is considered an antioxidant and antibacterial. It helps lower blood sugar and heals sores in the mouth. Aloe is antiviral and good for the gut. When you support the gut, you are supporting the brain. As a bonus, aloe is anti-cancer as well. Aloe plants can be kept in the home. Raw aloe gel is available online and this can also be added to smoothies.

Dr. Elisa Song M.D. (The fantastic holistic mamma doc.- recommends homeopathic medications to prevent or treat cold and flu symptoms. These medications are effective, natural, non-toxic and safe. Easy to purchase remedies by the homeopathic company, Boiron are: throat calm, cold calm and oscillococcinum. Dr. Song also recommends elderberry syrup because it is high in immune boosting compounds that help fight off flu symptoms. Both elderberry syrup and oscillococcinum are our favorite go to remedies when my kids have been exposed to sick kids at school or seem to be getting symptoms. We add electrolyte tablets to their waters, CoQ10 antioxidant supplement, increase vitamin c supplements, cook with lots of garlic, make ginger teas, sip apple cider vinegar, diffuse essential oils, and increase detox routines (ionic foot bath, infared sauna, infared light, magnesium bath, bioenergetics).

You can also support our children through the cold and flu season with: lowering stress, increasing sleep, increasing water intake, increasing natural and safe electrolytes, increasing hand washing, using safe natural disinfectant sprays, and increasing body detoxification practices. Supporting your child’s whole body, and especially the immune system, can be overwhelming when you are busy and on the go. A quote I love from Leah Segedie, author of the book “Green enough”, is “You have to be green enough to be healthy and chill enough to be happy.” Keeping our kids healthy can be overwhelming but, we can small steps each day. We have the power to keep our kids healthy. Above everything, we have the power to make a “true” informed consent when it comes to preventative flu treatments to put your child’s brain health at the forefront. A healthy brain gives us happy and healthy kids.

Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., LCPC, Certified Health Coach

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