“Glyphosate” and how it effects the mental health of our children.

Our food system needs a critical review when considering mental health treatments for children. Parents need to be aware of the dangers hidden inside the foods our children are consuming. The toxic chemical called glyphosate effects our children’s immune system, digestive system and neurological system. This dangerous toxic chemical is used in genetically modified foods and vaccines. Glyphosate, which is otherwise known as the weed killer “round up”, is used in GMO (genetically modified organisms) production. This pesticide is sprayed on crops in every state in the U.S. Glyphosate is found in massive quantities of foods that are genetically modified and non-organic. Glyphosate is also being traced in organic food because this chemical is getting into the soil, air and water supplies. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. and is sprayed most widely on: wheat, corn, potatoes, oats, soy and canola.

Dr. Zach Bush M.D., of revolution health center, reported that the unfortunate events of chemical farming started in the 1960’s. Glyphosate is very dangerous for children in a multitude of ways. Dr. Bush reported that 75% of our air is contaminated with glyphosate and it is a water-soluble toxin. Being water-soluble, glyphosate can get into the water supply very quickly. According to Dr. Bush, 4 billion pounds of glyphosate are being sprayed worldwide per year. He reported that much of our food system is a toxic delivery system. This dangerous chemical in our food system is very alarming.

According to Zen Honeycutt, of moms across America, Glyphosate is a chelator, so it holds onto vitamins and minerals in the body. The more glyphosate our children ingest, the more their bodies will be deficient in vitamins and minerals. Most children on the Autism spectrum are chronically low on vitamins and minerals and especially Zink. Low Zinc causes them to be high in copper which results in Autism symptoms. Honeycutt believes low levels of Zinc can be linked to the high glyphosate levels in the body. According to Honeycutt, Glyphosate acts as an antibiotic and destroys good bacteria in the gut. She also reports that glyphosate was on the carcinogenic agent list and then was taken off by the governments due to financial implications of large companies. The research shows that glyphosate is an endocrine disrupter and can cause liver disease. Honeycutt reported that she has met with the EPA (environmental protection agency) many times regarding the dangers of glyphosate. She reports that she asked the EPA to explain why glyphosate has never been tested in humans. According to Honeycutt, the EPA told her it is not ethical to test pesticides on humans so, glyphosate testing on humans would not be ethical. If a product is too dangerous for human studies, it certainly seems like it would be too dangerous for human consumption. Although safety concerns have been presented to the EPA a multitude of times, they have reported the financial implications of taking glyphosate out of food and vaccinations would be too detrimental to large companies. The profit of large companies should not be placed at a higher importance than the health of our children.

Glyphosate has been studied significantly by a fascinating scientist at MIT named, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. She is a great resource if parents would like to learn more about glyphosate. With her tremendous research and knowledge, Dr. Seneff found glyphosate disrupts the gut chemistry. When the gut chemistry is disrupted, the gut cannot produce amino acids correctly. Amino acids produced in the gut travel to the brain but, the pathway is disrupted by the chemical glyphosate. Glyphosate disrupts the pathways to the brain for amino acids like melatonin and serotonin. Many children with neurological based disorders have guts that are not producing amino acids properly and have brains that are not receiving the amino acids properly.

A child will suffer greatly if their gut cannot produce proper amounts of melatonin. If the melatonin isn’t getting to the brain, we have a child that can’t sleep. Many children with ADHD or Autism Spectrum disorders cannot sleep well because they have disrupted melatonin levels. Their bodies are not naturally producing melatonin. The chemical in GMO foods, Glyphosate, could be contributing to this issue. The blue light from handheld devices also disrupts melatonin production. A child who uses an iPad while eating a processed packaged food before bed is not going to have proper melatonin levels for sleep. Parents are being told by psychiatrists and pediatricians to give their child melatonin supplements but, this isn’t fixing the genuine root cause issues. Our children need a healthier diet and need to stop ingesting large amounts of glyphosate found in GMO foods. There is a real gut chemistry problem if the body is not naturally producing melatonin for appropriate amounts of sleep to happen. Our children should be producing normal amounts of melatonin naturally within there bodies.

Our children also suffer when serotonin levels in the brain and body are low. When the body isn’t producing enough serotonin, aggressive behaviors can start to occur. Aggression can be a very difficult behavior to control for children with Autism and ADHD. A child’s aggression absolutely can be linked to the chemical glyphosate disrupting the pathway of serotonin getting to the brain. Low serotonin levels could also result in anxiety, obsessive behaviors, irritability and low energy. Implementing healthier eating habits could quickly improve all the low serotonin issues going on in the body.

Glyphosate can also hinder the production of amino acids that heal the gut. The gut can’t be healed properly if it is missing essential gut healing amino acids. Dr. Bush reported that there are 9 essential amino acids that can’t be produced in our own bodies. Glyphosate in our foods is preventing our children from getting the proper amino acids from foods. Children on the Autism spectrum or with ADHD symptoms tend to be missing the essential amino acids that need to come from foods. When those amino acids are missing, we get children with food sensitivities and neurologically based disorders according to Dr. Bush.

When the gut deteriorates it can develop holes or leaks in the gut lining. A leaky gut issue can occur when the gut walls are not strong enough. When a child has a leaky gut, the chemical glyphosate can get into the blood stream and into the proteins by mistake which in turn could cause a food allergy. The worse your child’s diet is, the more glyphosate they are ingesting. Toxic chemicals contribute to the increase of food allergies in children. Gliadin, which is gluten can also leak into the gut and brain. Gluten intolerance and other food intolerances are resulting from the leaking gut issues in children. According to Dr. Bush, glyphosate is causing gluten sensitivities. The body is treating certain foods like foreign invaders when they are leaking out of the gut. The body produces antibodies to fight off the foreign invaders. A leaky gut and gut dysbiosis is one starting point for the chronic health issues of ADHD and Autism to begin.

Glyphosate is found in the MMR vaccine. This vaccine has higher levels of this chemical than any other vaccination, according to Dr. Seneff of MIT. The MMR vaccination also has the ingredient glutamate which is a neurotoxin and stimulant. There are no long-term studies available to show the effects of glyphosate and glutamate combined in a child’s body. The MMR vaccination also has the ingredient Aluminum which is a heavy metal. There are no safe amounts of Aluminum in the body according to Dr. Toni Bark M.D.. There are no long-term studies available to show the effects of glyphosate, glutamate and aluminum combined in a child’s body. Glyphosate is a further danger in the body of a child when it is mixed with Mercury in certain vaccines. Scientists know Mercury is dangerous and they know there are no safe levels of Mercury in the body. There are no long-term studies available to show the effects of glyphosate, glutamate, aluminum and mercury combined in a child’s body.

The lack of safety studies regarding the impacts of glyphosate on children is very concerning. Dr. Darin Ingels M.D. reported on a research study conducted by Dr. Seneff. He reported that the study concluded there is a 99% correlation rate to the increasing environmental usage of Glyphosate to the increasing Autism rates. To further complicate matters, Dr. Seneff found that glyphosate can get into the bone marrow. Multifaceted health issues are happening due to the immense use of Glyphosate on crops. The health issues are inevitably going to results in an abundance of children with developmental delays, neurological disorders, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. Mental health issues seem unavoidable when children are consuming large amounts of glyphosate.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D., of the Sophia health institute, is a chronic disease specialist and educator on many topics including retroviruses. He is a great resource if parents would like to learn more about glyphosate, chronic disease, and retroviruses. A retrovirus is a type of RNA virus that inserts itself into the DNA of a cell. The retrovirus reverses the directions of the normal gene copying process. Retrovirus’s can be dangerous for the body. The most well-known retrovirus is HIV. Another retrovirus is a t-cell lymphotropic virus that causes leukemia and lymphoma. Dr. Klinghardt shares that retrovirus’s have been found in children with Autism. He states that glyphosate doesn’t allow the body to kill off retroviruses. The body needs to be able to fight off and silence the reversal of normal gene production. According to Dr. Klinghardt, the main cause of Autism is glyphosate toxicity and glyphosate disabling the gene silencing mechanism in the body. High levels of glyphosate in a child’s body makes the body more likely to be effected by retroviruses.

Glyphosate found in our foods and vaccinations should be a concern for every parent. Glyphosate research should be taken very seriously especially because childhood learning disabilities, autoimmune disorders, Autism, obesity, cancer, and diabetes are on the rise. Autism and ADHD should be considered a chronic disease in the body. Eliminating glyphosate from the body should be a priority in the treatments process for children with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, learning disabilities, and other neurological based disorders.

Children need to detox from glyphosate to repair their guts, digestive system and immune system. A small body can only withhold so many toxins before the toxic load is too full. Toxins are getting into our children’s bodies just about everywhere and the immune systems get overloaded with stress. We need to lessen the toxic burden on our children’s bodies and not increase it. The toxic load is being increased each time glyphosate is eaten or injected into a child’s body. Toxic stress can be lowered in the body when we feed our children whole organic real foods. Non-organic processed foods from a package are going to contain Glyphosate. Foods from a fast food restaurant are typically non-organic processed foods from a package. Organic fruits and vegetables are important for the health of our children and they lesson the toxic load on there body. The “toxic load” and the damage that could occur in the body should always be considered each time a child is given a processed food from a package. You are not depriving your child when you help them eat healthier, you are nourishing them. Food consumption should always be nourishing to be body.


Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., LCPC