Why natural and more effective treatment methods are needed for children diagnosed with: ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Sensory processing disorders and Learning disabilities.


Natural, safe, nourishing and effective treatment methods are available to children that have been diagnosed with: ADHD, Autism, Sensory processing disorders and Learning disabilities. I consider an optimal practice in mental health to be a practice that uses a wide range of treatment modalities that consider the child’s mind, body and spirit. One treatment method isn’t going to heal a child with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, learning disabilities or sensory processing disorder. When the most effective treatment methods are used in combination, a child can be on a path to recovery. Cognitive behavior therapies can be wonderful tools in helping children lower stress, increase self-esteem and gain hope for change. Children need a safe place to be stress-free. Behavioral therapies can help teach children relaxation techniques for gaining control over stress in the body. The body can also be supported with the use of optimal nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, exercise, biofeedback, neurofeedback, mindfulness and essential oils. Detoxification protocols are also important tools for treating the child’s mind, body and spirit.  The bioenergetic process of cellular regeneration should also be a focus of mental health treatment. Multiple treatment modalities will increase the chances of your child regaining optimal health and mental health.

I strongly believe children can be helped, cured and managed through naturopathic methods that do not involve the use of psychiatric medications.  We need to recover children and medications are not aiding a full body recovery. So many children are on the wrong path to recovery and I am passionate about navigating children in finding the right path for recovery. I believe that children can recover from neurological disorders and I have seen it happen many times. I view Autism and ADHD as a multilevel biomedical disorder involving the immune system, toxin overload, the digestive system, the limbic system and many other layers that compromise a child’s health. When a child suffers from Autism, they are severely suffering from a toxin overload and heavy metal overload in the body. There are thousands of reputable scientific studies to support the evidence of Autism and other neurological disorders being a toxic overload.  We must help our children cope with the overloaded stressors placed on their bodies through treatment modalities that consider the mind, body and spirit.

First, we cannot sit back and let our children suffer from ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders or the so called “Oppositional defiant disorder.” It is time for parents, caregivers and schools to do the demanding work. It is time to make radical changes on how we view mental health care for our young children.  Children are going to suffer even more in epidemic proportions from “neurological disorders” if we do not make dramatic changes to mental health care. The definition of a neurological disorder is a disorder that involves the nervous system, the brain, spinal cord and the nerves. Mental health disorders that could fall under this category are: ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders or the so called “Oppositional defiant disorder”. These disorders have similar commonalities on symptoms and systemic issues that are going on in the body.

Secondly, unconventional methods will hopefully become more mainstream conventional methods. Although these disorders disrupt the neurological system I do not believe they are just a neurological disorder in isolation. A disorder in isolation from the rest of the body doesn’t even make logical sense. My views are based on current research and common theories of similar thinking practitioners. Thousands of studies support the idea that toxic substances found in vaccinates, our food, food packaging, and personal care products are correlated to neurological disorders. These studies are not well publicized in mainstream medical communities and are often debunked as inaccurate. It appears further research should be funded instead of being debunked if large companies and organizations are truly looking to protect our children.  A study by David A Geier and Mark R Geier (Brain Dev. 2004 Aug) concluded that whole cell pertussis vaccines may have been causing serious neurological disorders. A study completed by Matthew Mold, et all. (J Trace Elem Med Biol. 2018 Mar) found that the brain aluminum content is very high in individuals with Autism. Vaccines are just a portion of the toxic overload on our children and there is overwhelming evidence that the toxic ingredients in general are dangerous to our children. A study by Mary Catherine Desoto and Robert T Hitlan (Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars). 2010) found that rejecting the link between Autism and toxic exposure is not supported by scientific evidence. Toxic exposures for our children are massive. Some of the ways children are exposed to toxins are from: Mercury amalgams, vaccines, MSG, Antibiotic toxicity, acetaminophen (Tylenol) toxicity , artificial sweeteners, food packaging, Glyphosate toxicity, cleaning products, personal care products, phthalates and BPA. This is a very short and condensed list which doesn’t even begin to cover the toxic threats to our children. Toxins mixed together are another threat. Combination toxic overload studies correlate the link between neurological disorders and exposure to more than one heavy metal or chemical at a time.

I use the term neurological disorder for the premise of grouping disorders together in the category of disorders that effect the brain and mental health capacities of a child. The conventional beliefs about childhood mental health disorders needs to drastically change. The old conventional beliefs that the brain can’t change, and mental health disorders are lifelong is hugely inaccurate. Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. put together a docuseries called the Broken Brain. You can view this docuseries at brokenbrain.com. The docuseries features highly educated and passionate professionals talking about their knowledge and methods to improve the brain. Improving the brain is discussed as a process that involves the whole body.  You can view the work of Dr. Hyman at dr.hyman.com. Focusing on just the brain doesn’t necessarily fix the issues in the brain because our brain health relies on the rest of the body. Neurological disorders need to be viewed as systemic body issues.  Systemic malfunctioning bodies are causing our children to suffer from co-occurring neurological based disorders. These disorders are not independent disorders in the body. Small bodies are suffering, and they need to be changed in big ways. Caregivers have the power to help their children change their brains and there bodies.

Lastly, and most importantly, our children deserve a mental health care system that recovers children instead of helping them stagnantly cope. This dream is complicated yet simple at the same time. Treatments can be simple but, convincing doctors and caregivers on some simplistic methods, that are vastly viewed as alternative, is the complicated part. The traditional medical model of today trumps innovative and natural healing methods. Using vitamins and healthy eating is somehow seen in the public eye as being alternative treatments. Basic healthy living should not be viewed as alternative treatments for children. Natural healing methods work and heal children every day, so we need to ask ourselves why these successful practices are not being mainstreamed. Many children never get better in therapy and never get better on psychiatric medications. I have seen this too many times. Therapy and medications do not need to be a lifelong sentence for a child. Children can’t heal and recover if their whole body is ignored. Ignoring systemic body malfunctions will not improve the mental health status of your child. Its critical for our children that we combat the eye rolling of individuals in society who can’t escape the traditional medical model. We need to take a stand against the “tunnel vision of views” about childhood mental health. The eye rolling and cynical judgements from individuals about holistic care are ignorant and unhelpful to our suffering children.

There are too many people that have “no idea” why neurological issues are multiplying for our children. There are real reasons, that involve toxic exposures, and those reasons are affecting our child’s entire body.   There are too many people who have no idea that healing can occur outside of a pediatrician’s office or a therapist’s office. We can heal our own children naturally from many mental health symptoms. Our society has formulated a group mentality about healthcare and about mental health care. Our group societal mentality is to join the group without question. We tend to believe everything is fine if most people we know are also in the same group. Our instincts don’t question the group and we don’t challenge the beliefs of the group.  General human nature is to stick with the group. We know we will be out-casted if we challenge a believe or go against group members. We need to realize that large groups can be wrong, new research can emerge and old beliefs can be replaced with more accurate information. Our children need us to step outside the group, go against the grain and think critically.

Chris Wark, who healed his own body from Cancer and developed the square one program, has many great ideas to learn from. His words are inspiring for the healing process. Although Chris focuses his work on Cancer, the healthy living strategies he teaches are relevant to a child with mental health issues. You can view his information at chrisbeatcancer.com.  Chris Wark stated that, Doctors can make us believe we are helpless victims when we have the power to heal. Just imagine that your child has the power to heal. Our children are not helpless victims to ADHD, Autism or other mental health issues. The “disorder” is not the root cause of your child’s issues and those issues are not making your child “helpless”. When we believe that we are helpless, we look for doctors to give us a solution for symptom relieve. When we believe that we are helpless, we don’t think there is a real root cause to our symptoms. Chris Wark stated, “We can take full responsibility to get well with no excuses” and “We have to have a strong will to get well.”   A child’s body is continually changing. Cells in the body will get worse or will get better. Its up to us to make sure children get better at the cellular level. We can help our children rebuild a new body with new cells. Just imagine that you have the power to help your child rebuild a new body and a new brain. Look at cellular research, the data is supportive of this idea.  When a parent puts in minimal effort in helping their child heal, minimal results will happen. When a parent puts in major actions they produce major results in healing their child. The more symptoms that your child suffers from, the harder you need to work to recover your child. Its really that simple. Well, its not simple at all to work hard and that is the reason many parents fall short on taking on the complete task. Helping your child heal and recover is difficult work. Natural healing and recovery are available for children. We need to start the recovery process by opening our eyes to the problems, stepping outside the box and standing up to conventional treatment models that are not working.


Author: Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., LCPC